The Question is the Key

     Focus, focus, focus.  That’s the phrase that I find myself repeating constantly in every sales seminar that I present.  I believe focus is the greatest challenge for sales people today, and the greatest single solution to their challenges.  There are so many demands on our time, so many tasks calling for our attention, and so many opportunities available to us that we can easily become scattered and dissipated.

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Meet the Millennials Hoping to Get Rich or Kick the Bucket Tryin' With One of Wall Street's Most Dangerous Oil Plays

 "Y-O-F**KING-LO," the  youngster composed, blazing his exchanging proclamation. "900 to 55K in 12 days!"

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Coke’s Revenue and Profit Were Not As Expected

 The soda giant coke reported a fall in revenue and profit in the first quarter results declared recently. The company’s share in the last 3 months which were up by 13 %   declined 1.3 % at was priced $46 and this was more than expected by the Wall Street experts. 

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Apple Financial Specialists Expect the First Decrease In iPhone Sales

 Apple Inc. AAPL, -0.27%  is anticipated to report its first year-over-year decrease in iPhone unit deals when it reports second-quarter income after the business sector close on Tuesday.

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Worldwide Transportation: Investigating Income Patterns and Basics

  The transportation part is a general classification that incorporates businesses, for example, shipping, trucking, aircrafts, package conveyance and railways. Transportation organizations work in each economy, and division incomes are principally managed by monetary action. As per FactSet, worldwide transportation industry incomes came to $1.6 trillion in 2015. The information proposes that gross domestic product (GDP) is the biggest determinant of transportation income commitment, while income development patterns are affected by an assortment of elements including financial development, money changes and worldwide exchanging action.

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The Tech Stocks to Relay Counting the New Media Trends

  All time heavyweights of the amusement world, Walt Disney & Comcast, both put together have a market value of more than $ 300 billion. As the questions of Cable TV operations are not addressed properly, the stocks are not raising are making a profit is a big question. 

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