To make a trade transaction for the best price, speculators (traders, brokers, etc.) analyze a huge amount of information coming from different sources (the state of financial instruments, current economic, political and financial news, various forecasts), conduct a technical and wave analysis


A few years ago, the collection of such data takes a lot of time, and sometimes expensive material costs.

     With the development of computer technology and telecommunications began, automated dealing systems and, as a consequence, there was a gradual transition to trade financial instruments on the Internet. A many of Dealing centres

(DC) provides a special software that allows you to carry out trading in the comfort of home. These software products have a common name - trading platforms.

     These days, brokers and dealing centers forex, in the competitive environment, in addition provides basic functions (such as trading operations, monitoring of accounts, etc.) equipped with many advanced trading platform services that provide customers the fastest and most convenient access to the market price,

economic, political, and financial news.

     These services are integrated, as in the actual trading platform developed by DC, and in third-party trading platforms that are common in the market.

     One DC can offer one or more trading platforms, thus allowing the client to select the trading platform of their own "choice."

     There are many different classifications of trading platforms. Each DC compares itself, highlighting the most significant advantages. Summarizing the properties of trading platforms, dealing centers, members of the major league ranking forex brokers of Masterforex-V Academy 

in our view are the following main categories:

1. By way of installing the trading platform

  • Installed on the PC.

These platforms have a wide range of graphical and analytical tools, but apart from "tying" the trader to a PC also require a significant amount of disk space. As an example, Trading Station II from FXCM, JFOREX (of Dukascopy Bank SA), Metatrader 4

to be used quite a lot of brokers.

  • Using the web interface.

These programs are for the most part requires only an internet browser and do not depend on a specific computer. These trading platforms include FOREXTrader Pro (in part) and FOREXTrader Pro. Web of FOREX.COM, Platform Web (of Dukascopy Bank SA), SaxoWebTrader proposed broker Saxo Bank

  • Platform mounted on mobile phones and gadgets.

These software products are mostly offer limited graphics capabilities, but offer a trader the opportunity to receive financial news and carry out trade from anywhere where there is access to mobile data networks (GPRS, EDGE, etc.).

As an example, a mobile version of Metatrader 4 and newly launched trading platform Metatrader 5.

2. If possible hedging

  • Netting trading platforms

The open position is necessarily closed the counter and trade will only differ between these two positions, if one of them was greater. Such as, for example, FXDD Trader and Power Trader from FXDD, FOREXTrader Pro, Metatrader 5.

  • Trading platform, allowing locking of open position

Remain independent of all established order. These platforms include Metatrader 4, JAVA and JFOREX (of Dukascopy Bank SA), Mirror Trader, the proposed broker FXDD

3. possible commission automated trading

  • Offer only trade in manual mode

For example, FXCM Traiding Station from FXCM, JAVA, StartFX and Rumus proposed broker ForexClub.

  • Providing the ability to perform trade operations without interference trader.

For example, ZuluTrade proposed Alpari, Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, Trading Station II from FXCM.

4. By having access to electronic communication networks ECN.

Electronic Communications Networks (Electronic Communication Networks) ECNs are electronic trading systems that automatically combine the main liquidity providers (banks) into a single system through which the operations are carried out buying and selling. Trading platform, with access to such networks, in addition to a very fast speed of trade execution(about 40 ms), provide direct access to interbank liquidity (NFX Trades proposed broker NORD FX, Trading Platforms Alpari Direct, developed and offered by Currenex broker Alpari).

5. Simultaneously controlled by the number of accounts

  • A managed account

  • Multiple managed accounts at the same time ,

It is possible to monitor and perform operations on multiple trading accounts simultaneously (MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal)

6.      possible to create your own trading strategies, advisers and copyright indicators

     When choosing a broker and a brokerage company, of course, it is necessary to estimate provided by the trading platform. Ease of trading, is certainly a very important condition. Therefore it is necessary to understand that not determine your trading platform, trading method determines the choice of trading platform.

The list of trading platforms

  • MetaTrader 4: the most popular forex trading platform DC
  • MetaTrader 5: A new version of the most popular forex trading terminal
  • Mobile Trading FOREX: MetaTrader 4 Mobile