Since January 2012, the  Forex Academy and Masterforex-V Stock trading have launched a new project - a virtual permanent exhibition Masterforex-V EXPO. The objective pursued by the best educational project in Europe 2009-11, is that after 20 facts of unpaid profit to our students by unscrupulous DC should reflect the strengths, achievements and shortcomings of several hundred brokers, dealing centers and banks, brokers planets, which are presented in the ranking of Forex Brokers of Masterforex-V World Academy.

While being equidistant from independent brokers and the most popular Internet resource, we provide:

1. Brokerage companies:

An Opportunity to talk about the strengths of their services through the publication in our online media - Masterforex-V, "Market Leader", "Market Leader" (Belarus), "Market Leader: Kazakhstan," Market Leader "(USA)," Market Leader "(Lithuania) and dozens of media Partners with more than half a million of daily audience.  

 2. Traders:

  • consciously and objectively choose the Best Brokerage Companies in the world in any of the categories (micro broker, institutional broker, the broker - the bank, ECN Broker, CFD Broker, etc.)
  • Best bonus program from Forex Broker
  • exchange of the Best Forex Broker (if you want to trade along the Russian stock exchanges such as MICEX and RTS)
  • get free schooling for traders, webinars with experienced traders and Forex Brokers and exchanges
  • earn money to open a live account (see bonus program MF - write messages on the forum - you earn money)


For the first time in the history of the the Masterforex-V World Academy, it has been introduced a category rating as "Broker - Antibrand 2012." This nomination was included in ratings and vote to determine the worst providers of Forex currency market, according to the trading clients. Into this category fall brokers, banks and DC-brokers who gain the least number of votes are traders. 

The exhibition Masterforex-V EXPO has presented a vote in the following categories:

  • Best Broker in the world in 2015 (first prize)
  • Best Bank Broker World 2015
  • Best Mikrobroker World 2015
  • Best PAMM Forex Brokers in 2015
  • Best ECN-Broker of the World in 2015
  • Best institutional Broker World 2015
  • Best bonus program World 2015
  • Best Forex Brokers analyst in 2015
  • Broker - Antibrand 2015 (black list of the worst brokers of the world) 

with an explanation of each positions and comments, the Traders leaders in each category are determined automatically basing on their sum:

  • credit rating of Forex Brokers of Masterforex-V World Academy (it points for exchange license value of spread and commissions on currency pairs, market experience, average quality assessment dealing by their traders, the number of claims and positive, PR companies in the Internet media international awards brokers, etc.)
  • Your vote - "yes" or "no" in each category  


Define together the Best and Worst Brokers in the world!