In the 21st century, financial markets are playing an increasingly important role in our life.

Everywhere, we hear about economic crisis, currency fluctuations, petrol prices increasing and decreasing, etc. Here, we will explain how the global economy affects our daily lives. Now there are fewer people who do not know what mean the words "share", "currency".
With the development of the Internet, today more and more people have the opportunity to participate in stock trading with the comfort from home.
Therefore, many people consider trade on the stock exchange as additional income source.

Traders tend to learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis and look for a profitable trading system.

The trader must know the importance of technical as well as fundamental analysis, which are important in trading the financial markets.

Do you want to become a successful trader? Then:

1. Explore basic concepts the profession   -

  - Key Concepts in Forex 
  - What is the pair 

2. If you are familiar with these concepts -  go to the first class of technical analysis: when currencies fall, and when they rise.