On this page we present the awards, which were presented by a vote of traders and investors forex brokers rating the best forex training project of the European Academy of Forex and stock trading Masterforex-V for 2012.
The awards were presented in the following categories:
  • Grand Prix - the best broker of peace in 2012;
  • Best Bank broker peace in 2012;
  • The best micro broker peace in 2012;
  • Best ECN broker peace in 2012;
  • The best broker forex world for investors in 2012;
  • Best bonus program of the world in 2012;
  • Best institutional broker peace in 2012;
  • The best forex brokers analyst from 2012;
  • The best forex broker peace for automated trading in 2012;
  • Best revolutionary innovation in the forex market in 2012;
  • Best Investment Broker 2012;
  • Best UK Forex Broker 2012;
  • The best forex broker in Canada in 2012;
  • The Best Broker of the world for the quality of dealing in 2012.
Note that along with the traditional nominations in the past year in the ranking of Masterforex-V World Academy, new - established by the Rector of the Academy of the Ministry of Finance and professional traders. Special prizes were awarded to companies who up to 2012 have made a significant, in the opinion of market professionals contribute to the development of the industry, offering customers a range of innovative technologies and terms and conditions. This is such a nomination as "Best revolutionary innovation in the forex market in 2012", "Best Investment Broker 2012", "Best UK Forex Broker 2012", "Best Forex Broker in Canada in 2012."
In general, for each category prizes were truly the best of the company, which in 2012, according to traders who were leaders in their fields of more than 500 brokers who participated in the ranking. Recall that one of the most important criteria for assessing the performance and quality of forex brokers use:
  • quality trading platforms;
  • availability of licenses from leading regulators;
  • conditions of work with PAMM accounts;
  • value spreads and commissions;
  • slippage, hang-sale terminals;
  • dealing quality;
  • quality analytical services and support services for clients;
  • other options.
In total, accounted for more than 20 independent rating criteria, and the opinion of thousands of traders and investors (professionals and amateurs), students and faculty of the Academy MF, etc.

Grand Prix: best broker peace 2012 recognized Swiss MigBank

According to the results of a comprehensive analysis that includes more than 20 performance benchmarks broker, including the views of traders who voted in the nomination "Best Broker of the world in 2012" won the Swiss MigBank , ahead of a sharp and uncompromising struggle against companies such as Nord FX (2nd place) and FOREX.com (3rd place).
It MigBank up to the last years has provided its customers an impeccable level of dealing with favorable trading conditions and cutting-edge technology of highly liquid markets for the planet at the same time providing a heavy duty security for each transaction and the guarantee of capital preservation clients. In addition, MigBank has many years of successful work experience is in the provision of services on access to the forex market, has licensed the world's most respected regulators, offers the best spreads and reviews of its customers - positive.
However MigBank won not only the Grand Prix - Cup Best forex broker, but won in another category - "Best Broker of the World Bank in 2012," ahead of HY Markets (2nd place) and Dukascopy (3rd place)

The Best Broker of the world 2012. Dealing in quality - Nord FX

Best World Cup broker dealing in quality was given to the company Nord FX (second consecutive year), which in 2012 confirmed the excellent reputation and, as noted by traders offer unique trading conditions for micro accounts for a highly liquid market, and on the type of account Welcome - and all without capital investment on the part of the client. Not surprisingly, the Nord FX also won the Cup in the category "Best Micro Broker of the world 2012", ahead of brands such as Alpari (2nd place) and RoboForex (3rd place).

The best forex broker of the world for investors in 2012 - Forex-Trend

 Among brokers, who "took" two awards, it is worth mentioning the company ForexTrend, which became the best in the categories "Best Broker of the world for forex investors in 2012" (second consecutive year), ahead of Alpari and FXOpen, and "Best revolutionary innovation in the market Forex in 2012." According to the traders and the Rector of the Academy Masterforex-V, this broker will not only provide the best services in 2012 to work on the PAMM services, but also developed a number of innovative technologies, including PAMM indexes, which allowed thousands of investors to earn an average of 60 to 120 percent of the profits with minimum risks.

The best forex broker for automated trading world 2012 - Roboforex

As in 2011, the Cup in the nomination "The best forex broker for automated trading of the world" in 2012 was the company Roboforex, unparalleled in the development and operation of services and conditions for trade with robots and advisors. The winner by a vote of traders in this category ahead of companies such as Alpari and Nord FX, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

For the best revolutionary innovation in the forex market in 2012

 It must be noted and appeared last year in the forex market a company "Pantheon-Finance", which has developed an unrivaled service for investors - an opportunity in a single platform through one account at the same time to invest in some of the best PAMM accounts the leading brokers in the world. As a consequence, the well-deserved recognition of professional forex and award in the category "Best Investment Broker 2012" according to the rating of the Academy of the Ministry of Finance, and a little earlier - a similar award on the basis of one of the world's most prestigious exhibitions of Moscow Forex Expo 2012.
Also, a special category, established by the Rector of the Academy Masterforex-V, got the best British Broker 2012 ActivTrades company and the best forex broker Canadian company FX Clearing.
Read more about all the nominations and winners, most of them - standing brands top 10 ranking of the best forex brokers of the world rankings of the Academy, you can read the article "Rating Masterforex-V World Academy has identified the best broker of the world."
Recall that from January 4, 2013 kicked off a new rating to determine the best forex brokers. Everyone can take part in voting on the above categories, which is quite possible that this year will add a few new ones. Do not forget that it was your vote could be decisive in the final position in the ranking of brokers.