Learn how to profitably and consistently earn from the financial markets? What is the nature of the market? What forces drive the market and how to use correctly them in your trading? In today’s markets, there are many trading systems and strategies. Some people prefer technical analysis and others prefer fundamental analysis. However, besides the above mentioned methods can analyze the market by volume. The theory and practice of volumes on three axioms: 

1. Any market moves "big money." 

2. Big money, or "smart money" appears on the market with the arrival of institutional players, the largest market: banks, central banks, hedge funds, multinational corporations, etc. 

3. Serious players realize their interests in the market, and they can be traced through the volume. 

Thus, many market phenomena and processes can be tracked through the accumulation of volume and dynamics of the movement of the market. 

SCOPE - is the number of contracts bought or sold (lots). For example, you bought 10 lots, I sold 10 lots, someone else bought 10 lots. The total volume of our transactions is 30 lots. This amount is the total amount of purchase/sale or net and we are most interested in it, because it was those who form the market. Net shows the interest of buyers and sellers, zone clusters of large orders, as well as the depletion zone in on a particular section of the market movement.      

Incourse, the Forex market is not the volume of open access. BUT! data volumes can be produced Chicago Mercantile Exchange - CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), where, among other instruments traded currency futures. Recent quotes are quotations of Forex majors, with the exchange "futures" traded on a real exchange platform with the rules of trade, with real actors and real volume, we track directly with the "floor" of the exchange. 

Listed  currency futures that correspond major currency pairs of the forex market are the following: 

6B = GBP/USD Pound 
6J = USD/JPY Yen 
6A = AUD/USD Australian Dollar 
6C = USD/CAD Canadian Dollar

Net interest is always considered in two ways: the amount of horizontal and vertical volume. Example, one and the same person we see in profile and full face, just the same amount can be monitored Horizontally and vertically. 

Horizontally VOLUME

Horizontal slice of space could be seen on a histogram to the left or right of the price chart. This is the amount that had accumulated over time for a given price. For example, the maximum amount of costs X accumulated for the day, called the day volume. 
The arrow showed the greatest accumulation volume days, weeks, and the contract (time period, which lasts for three months)

Tracking the volume and dynamics, we identify such as:

•  actions at different price levels
•  manipulation of major market operators
•  levels where decisions are made by traders

These are the basic principles that would help you trading with minimum risk and maximum return. In our view, the only way to understand the nature of the market, starting to ern a stable and profitable.