Spanish Economy – Looking At a Recovery

 The Spanish adage which says a mal tiempo, buena cara – in bad times face held high is applicable right now to the country, which is facing hard times.  

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How the Cost of East German Margarine Moves the Euro

 From the expense of crisp margarine in Dresden to a shirt in Leipzig or fragrance in Chemnitz, every month the 60 information authorities in the German state of Saxony begin gathering costs - and wind up moving the euro.

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Has Europe Got Much to Swagger About?

  Low venture, dreary intensity and pallid development rates have taken the swagger out of Europe's progression as of late and all the more should be done to recover the locale on track, as indicated by the appointee chair of Swedish speculation organization Kinnevik.

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Brexit and Fate of the United Kingdom

  The highest ever debacle of the British Empire was the 13 colonies surrendered Lord North during the American war of Independence over 200 years.   If the British council decides to vote in favour of opting out of the European the history books will read as follows, Prime Minister David Cameron was the man behind the split or break of the United Kingdom. 

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Credit Suisse Swings to Misfortune on Overall Markets Hit

  ZURICH - Credit Suisse Group AG said Tuesday it swung to its second sequential quarterly misfortune, as the Swiss moneylender attempted to rebuild its venture keeping money business.

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Chinese Exports Growth Reflects on European Stock Market: Market Rising For 4 Days

  Good news is that there is a rise in European stocks for continuous four sessions as on Wednesday which relaxed the fear that global economic growth will weaken further as indicated by Chinese export data. 

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