Oil Prices Battle

  A producer meeting is to be held in Doha on Sunday and just before that crude oil prices struggled on Thursday as a result of uncertainty that is predicted after the meeting which is to be held by major producers. This weakened the commodity demand and creates flutter as the meeting is fast approaching

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Doug Kass Says to Keep Away From Stocks. Must you?

  Thrillseekers, look somewhere else — at the Last Four, Hollywood starlets puzzling for presidential applicants, craps tables, perhaps. Yes, this securities exchange is beginning to look somewhat dull.

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Re-Emerging Markets?

  Last Wednesday, I was fielding questions from two or three CNBC journalists on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. One thing they got some information about was developing markets, which was awesome as it permitted me to discuss our Multi-Asset Class (MAC) group's perspectives on these critical locales. It additionally helped me to remember how little space we've given the subject in CIO Points of view in this way.

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Oil Cost Goes Down As Investors Cash On Latest Picks Up

  Raw petroleum costs pared picks up in early Asia exchange Monday as dealers took benefit following a solid rally a week ago on signs that the worldwide oil excess may begin to ease in the coming months.

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Japanese Stocks and Foreign Investors

  Japan is a heaven for foreign investors after Shinzo Abe became the Prime Minister of Japan in December 2012. The country’s equities is over flowing with foreign investment and this year, till now, investors including BlackRock Inc has pulled out $46 million, which is a huge amount.

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Will the Markets Rise in April?

  Since February the market is bullish and we were anticipating a huge downfall or crash. To the surprise and wonder of many several bears turned bullish in spite of the market hitting a down value of 1700’s on S & P. The weeks ahead will tell us will the market crash below the current index or take a swing and rise to hit 2500, we have to sit crossing our fingers. 

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