What is PAMM account?


With the advent and development of the Forex market, demand of various services aimed at automating the process of working on the exchange, and the opportunity to make profits. One of such system of trust management of online accounts is PAMM service - Percent Allocation Management Module, aimed at obtaining the investment and increasing trading profits.

PAMM-account allows the user to perform, both as an investor who provides and distributes equity for profit, and - for the trader, conducting operations based on its own calculations and assumptions.



Advantages for the investor

An investor who uses a PAMM-account can put their own money so that they participate in operations on behalf of the most successful and experienced traders.

The intuitive interface allows the PAMM-account which becomes convenient and easy tool for generating income in Forex.

PAMM-account system is designed to put the investor in a very advantageous position:

· he can evaluate how the one or the other trader;

· monitor the performance of transactions a trader on the PAMM-account;

· see what his success rate.

Advantages for the trader

As a user of the PAMM and as a trader, there are many advantages. For example, not having a substantial capital, but with a successful knowledge and understanding of the basics of the Forex market the trader may hold large investments, earn profits out of it.

Trader, managing PAMM, becomes trustee investor enters into transactions with its funds in return for a percentage of the profits. The winners are the investor and trader.

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