After the publication

· The announcement of opening the School of exchange trades for the beginner traders at the Masterforex-V Academy;

· grade 11 School of wave analysis;

· detailed comparison of the level of school for beginners at the Masterforex-V World Academy ( more than 30 tools in the field of MF wave analysis trading that is unique and more than a dozen n faculty of the Academy)

followed by hundreds of letters with questions about teaching methods, teachers, etc.

Project training for beginners on forex from Masterforex-V Academy

1. Developed in connection

o low cost of education for beginners at basic (school) course at dealing centers and at individual sites, "forex training" via the Internet (On average 99% of traders who enter the market tend to lose money, at the Education provided by MF traders tend to learn the Nitti gritty of the forex markets to kick start their trading and avoid common errors made by traders.

o Number of requests from students of the Academy to give a systematic education from scratch, which they are unable to get from their brokers.

2. The structure of university makes education is essential to trade forex via Masterforex-V Academy

a.  Basic Forex Training School.

§ for each class there is a recognized trader ("class leader"), which is competent to answer all question so that you can start trade live with utmost confidence;

§ At the end of each class, there will be question and answer to make sure you understand the basic knowledge of Forex markets from the faculty.

b. Preparatory Faculty Academy Masterforex-V.

c. High School courses.

§ by TC Masterforex-V - the study of the classics of Forex trading systems - Bill Williams , Demark, Elder , Hannah, Neely, Murray K.Feysa ("Turtle"), Scott Carney, Prechter, fussing, etc.;

§ a clear understanding of what's happening live in the forex markets on daily basis and how and where his technique can be used in trading forex successfully;

§ Trading systems that do not have defined rules normally tend be risky and can also cause loss of initial capital (on the shortcomings of their trading systems did not write any of the Forex rules), and how these problems are solved through the MF TS.

For example , the trading system of the world champion Larry Williams

§ you will be learning algorithm for each of your transaction (which allowed Larry Williams to increase his trading profits with 50 thousand to more than $ 2 million);

§ then the shortcomings of his trading system (which makes a champion Larry Williams drawdown decreased by 70%);

§  solving problems and unsolved mysteries of Larry Williams in the trading system of Masterforex-V

§  Practical daily settlement

d.  Trading System Masterforex-V

§  new theory of technical analysis from Masterforex-V - more than a hundred known Masterforex-V in technical, fundamental and WA Trading (book 3 and FAK Academy);

§  Daily practical lessons for one or more years on the trading system to the current trading day.

e.  specialization in departments Masterforex-V Academy

§  Faculty teaching online trading system Masterforex-V

§  Faculty scalping - algorithm of currency pairs m1 (2) -10 (15)

§  Faculty-term trading - the synthesis of medium-and short-term approach to trading

§  Faculty exchange trading

§  Forum  and Contact Us

§  Department of Statistics and money management

§  Department of options

§  The department of trade by volume based on the Chicago Stock Exchange and CME electronic trading system CME GLOBEX

§  Department of derivatives trading

§ Department of automation of trading systems (led by professional programmers - traders) – also available in the forum of the Academy

§  Department of Psychology (led by a professional psychiatrist, now a trader)

§  Department of legal issues trading (led by professional lawyers, now traders)

and others.

To understand the nature and value of the system and the phase of training at the Academy, we will soon be published materials of 3 classes Forex for beginners at Masterforex-V Academy

·  Introduction to Forex (pre-school - see Water lecture forex training from Masterforex-V below)


·  materials of Class 1 (fundamental analysis), and the next phase of training from the Academy of fundamental analysis, which is based on more than a dozen of discoveries from Masterforex-V in the segment of fundamental analysis of trading);

·  material sof 11th grade materials (wave analysis) and more than 3 dozen discoveries in the field of MF wave analysis as a foundation for the next stage of learning Forex - to high school education at the Academy of wave analysis trading.

And so for each class

· basics "school" of course – is the ABC of trading (e.g., support and resistance levels , inclined channels , etc.)

· what is learned at the following levels of training at the Academy of traders Masterforex-V (including the author's discovery, which have no comparison in the world)

· Live trading on new strategy and topic which back tested for years and future forecast of the markets with an experienced trader at the Masterforex-V Academy.

No other way to become a pro in the world there .

To verify this simple axiom.

· recall the basic level of education in the university of yours previous profession.

· compare the level of knowledge you have received on Forex.

Conclusion - do it yourself