USD/CAD 2016-02-08

      4- hour chart shows that:

    - at the trading session last Friday, the consolidation within the price range of 1.3675 — 1.37525 ended with the breakdown of its upper line, which led to increasing of bullish engulfing. The practice of our goals 1.3820 and 1.3875 ended in the beginning of the American session. According to fundamental analysis, the reason for the significant weakening of the Canadian dollar (CAD) is negative data of the labor market in Canada for January;
    -  bullish engulfing has subsided only near mirror level1.39075;
    -  since the opening of today's trading session bearish engulfing are manifested poorly expressed in currency pair. 
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 USDCAD (weekly) has been moving sideways since the beginning of February. The proximity of the year 2009 high has caused the sideways move. I suggested in my analysis at the time that USDCAD should move above the latest highs as US economy is stronger than the economy in Canada. The fact that USDCAD has maintained the support well and has now created a weekly hammer candle at the support supports my view.

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U.S. Dollar Weakened against Major Currencies amid U.S. Unemployment Data

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits for the first time, increased from the previous week by 11 thousand, to 278 thousand, the U.S. Department of Labor reported.

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U.S. Currency Is Much in Demand

Greece plans to submit Troika the document on the loan program extension, which is quite natural and logical, since the country is in the pre-crisis state. However, the authorities of Athens reject new austerity measures to stimulate the economy, though it is the main condition for lending. The parties may agree though, and the European currency may be supported.

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Dollar Exchange Rate Trades Flat

In January this year, the number of jobs in the U.S. increased by 257,000. This is evidenced by the data provided by the Ministry of Labor. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg forecasted the figure to grow by 228 thousand. December data have also been adjusted, showing that the number of jobs increased by 329,000.

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U.S. Trade Deficit Climbed To an All-Time High

In December last year, trade deficit in the U.S. unexpectedly rose to the maximum. The deficit increased by 17.1 percent and amounted to 46.6 billion dollars. According to the adjusted data trade deficit in November was 39.8 billion dollars. Previously reported about 39 billion dollars.

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