We live in a time where we virtually have all markets and trading tools for the job. Choosing the right tools and the right markets to trade is a key issue in how quickly and easily a trader succeeds. 

Equity security, the right of the owner (shareholder) to receive part of the profits of the company in the form of dividends, to participate in the management of the company and part of the property remaining after its liquidation.


But do not worry - we sell the shares on the Stock Exchange electronic. It - just writes to a database on a computer exchanges, and a way to store data makes it possible to trade the markets during remote trading terminals, without the presence of the trading floor. Therefore, stock trading will not bring you any inconvenience to their content and additional liability. 

Choosing the right tool – is the first step to successful trading. And your chances of success will be higher, the more smooth and accurate decision you make when trading an instrument. Any share, currency or futures, from time to time have a certain smoothness and technique when your chose the method that are stable and do not give frequent failures.

But only in markets with a wide range of trading tools, your chances of finding a suitable stock, will be the higher. And as the U.S. stock markets trades around seven thousand shares - you always have a chance to find quality stocks which suits your trading style, temperament, and time interval.   

Here is an example of trade action, which was pre-selected by the method of 
sniping :

The main drawbacks and advantages of trading in shares


- Time Limit for most stocks traders are only during "exchange hours" (currency and futures are traded around the clock) 
- a selection of stocks, which creates difficulties for beginners. 


First drawback, however, is also an advantage: trade only during "exchange hours" frees you from having to keep track of the positions around the clock. 

Second drawback is solved by special automatic programs – screening through a thousand shares and leave only those that meet your criteria: 


The following is a visual selection of the most " quality "stocks, and it takes quite some time: expert traders spend more on a visual assessment of a share for just few seconds, so this is a lack of help in the future to produce INSTANT assessment of the situation in any market!!!



- a wide range of shares: traders can always find those stocks that meet their requirements, 

- access to specialist book, tape and volume of transactions, where you can see the pending orders of market participants and the volume of transactions, 

- get more informed economic news, especially in the economic sectors, 

- the presence of market-neutral action which you can attend, regardless of the market; 

- transparency of trades - you can see the orders, buying and selling of market orders, and also those that send orders to other participants;

- the price of one share of the world and without all the "left" shifts and fluctuations; 

- the broker is not concerned on how much you earn – it’s not interested in losing money of its client, but on the contrary to be favorable to you because on your success the broker earns his commissions; 

- less factors, which affects the technicality, predictability, and smoothness of the shares; 

- work on the "right" actions allows to achieved much large profits with the least risk; 

- there are more successful stock traders in the world compared to traders in any other markets. 



And the most important advantage – There are various styles and techniques to trade the Stock market unlike the currency and futures markets. Therefore, each trader can choose the one that best suits him and get the best out of the markets.

Regarding the development of the Faculty of stock trading , here besides the well-known techniques, adapted to the modern market there are lots of original designs,  were the first to be applied on the market (in fact most of the old methods that no longer work after the dramatic crash of the market that occurred in the year 2008).

Among many would like to mention:

- DELTA-cluster ANALYSIS allowing in-time defined as the beginning of a strong one-way traffic, and strong market reversals: 
кластерный анализ
- PROFILE VOLUME AND MARKET PROFILE , allowing to define the basic levels, where there are a large Number of market orders and separate transaction from the other major players in the unorganized traders: 
профиль объемов
- EXTREME PRICE RANGE - price area, a break of which in trending tools provides the best inputs with great profit potential. 
ценовые зоны
Just ones methods is opening the transactions in accordance with the principle developed at VERSTAT , various types of technical and fundamental analysis, methods of selection, assessment of stocks and so much more, is included in the trading system sniping.
торговля акциями
Designed for the system package indicator, package indicator is free to all participants of the training SNIPING - NEW TECHNOLOGY TRADE