Traders and independent financial experts voted for the best companies in different nominations on MasterForex-V Expo 2013. Here we present the winners.

MasterForex-V Expo 2013 - a virtual expo of the world's best Forex Brokers, organized and carried out by professionals from MasterForex-V Academy - the Best European project for Forex trading. At the end of each month, representatives of the Academy and professional traders determine Best Forex Brokers on the basis of more than 20 criteria. At the end of a year, the final results are summed and the laureates in many categories are revealed.
Each winner also won the most prestigious award among Forex brokers.

The awards were presented in the following categories:
•    Best Broker 2013;
•    Best Micro Broker 2013;
•    Best ECN Broker 2013;
•    Best Bank Broker 2013;
•    Best Forex Analytics 2013;
•    Best PAMM Broker 2013;
•    Best Affiliate Program 2013;
•    Best Rebate Service 2013;
•    Best Bonus Program 2013;
•    Best Investment Broker 2013;
•    Best Forex Broker in the UK 2013;
•    Best NDD Broker 2013;
•    Most Innovative Broker 2013;
•    Discovery of 2013;
•    Best STP Broker 2013;
•    Best Dealing Quality 2013.

It is worth noting that in 2013 there were new category established by MasterForex-V Academy professional traders. Special prizes were awarded to those companies that made significant contribution to the development of the Forex industry by offering innovative technologies and trading conditions. The nominations are "Best STP Broker 2013", "Discovery of 2013", "Most Innovative Broker 2013", "Best NDD Broker 2013", "Best Rebate Service 2013", "Best Affiliate Program 2013 "," Best PAMM Broker 2013 ".

For each of the 16 nominations the best brokers were determined. Traders, financial analysts and representatives of the Academy Masterforex-V determine leaders in all nominations. Among more than 500 companies took part in the vote. The key parameters in assessing the quality of the Forex broker were:
•    quality of services, products, services and technologies;
•    availability of licenses from leading regulators;
•    the level of spreads and commissions;
•    working conditions in PAMM accounts;
•    the presence of innovative technologies that contribute to efficient trading;
•    quality analytical services and support services for clients;
•    stimulating the development of a stable operation of the Forex programs, including educational projects, bonuses, promotions, seminars, competitions, etc .;
•    other parameters that reflect an objective approach to the evaluation of the Forex broker.

   All winners of MasterForex-V Expo 2013 are presented below with some commentary on each nomination.

 Best Micro Broker 2013 - NordFX

As in 2012, the winner in this category is NordFX, which further improved numerous services, became very popular among Forex traders. This means that none of the competitors could offer traders better conditions and technology work for micro-accounts. At the same time due to the development of NordFX, thousands of new traders have the opportunity to trade with a minimum deposit today, and often, even without them, with virtually identical professional colleagues trading conditions.
In 2013, the brokerage company NordFX:
•    has launched a new and unique type of merchant account Currensee, allowing anyone who wants to invest in the Forex market with meager earnings at high risk;
•    It offered a large 55% bonus on each traders account;
•    significantly expanded its geographic presence, thus providing traders from around the world an easy access to their technology and services, including the possibility of an effective rapid literacy work in the financial markets;
•    implemented a number of other services and programs, including further improving exclusive technology works on the micro-accounts.

NordFX also won Best Bonus Program 2013 and was recognized to have Best Dealing Quality.

Best Bank Broker 2013 - HY Markets

In this category the winner is an institutional brokerage company HY Markets, part of one of the world's largest financial holdings Henyep Group. HY Markets - one of the few companies who have a license from the most respected global financial regulator - the Office of Financial Services Authority UK (The Financial Services Authority, FCA), acting on the financial markets for over 30 years. And for this long period of time the company has always had an impeccable reputation. We had very positive feedback from customers, which include large bankers, businessmen, financiers, leading hedge funds, corporations, and others.

Among other things, HY Markets has implemented a number of other high-impact projects in 2013, including:
•    $ 100 gift to traders for opening a trading account in the company;
•    the first major championship of traders;
•    launched an innovative trading platform HY Pro Trader;
•    trading without swaps;
•    Loyalty-program.

Best Forex Analytics 2013 - TeleTrade

As in 2012, the winner in "Best Forex Analytics” nomination is one of the oldest (18 years) of brokerage firms - TeleTrade. The broker has offered the highest quality, in the opinion of voters, analytical service, covering virtually all areas of the financial markets: technical, fundamental, wave analysis, real-time data from the world's leading stock exchanges, forecasts and recommendations of analysts, news digests and others. TeleTrade analytics helped tens thousands of customers in more than 120 cities around the world to become a successful trader and investor.
At the time TeleTrade made a real breakthrough in the market by launching unparalleled Forex TeleTRADE TV - the first specialized TV on the financial markets. Also CIS implemented TeleTrade "News Feeds", "Panorama Markets," "cine" and much more.
Last year TeleTrade offered:
•    participation in an unprecedented competition project "School of millionaires";
•    training of traders, investors and analysts in their own Center for the Study of monetary and exchange trading of the Civil TeleTrade;
•    New high-yield innovative project "Master-Invest";
•    Effective exclusive tutorials.
In addition, the company is still actively pursuing worldwide conferences, seminars and workshops with the participation of well-known analysts, successful practitioners of traders, financial gurus.

Best Affiliate Program 2013 - FBS

For the FBS it is not the first award in 2013. Earlier, company became the winner in the nomination "Best Broker in Asia 2013". Many customers are companies operating partnership program which allows you to directly trade in the Forex market to get a solid income. They noted the high level of the service, comfort, support FBS provides at each stage of cooperation with effective resources and exclusive technology company.

Best bonus program in 2013 - NordFX

The Best Micro Broker in 2013 – NordFX won this award. Due to the unique bonuses broker allows traders to increase trading volumes:
•    thousands of customers receive a high and stable income;
•    unprecedented opportunities for income and minimum risky job beginners;
•    optimal conditions for practical training without losing its own funds.

Best Forex Broker 2013 UK - ActivTrades

The British company ActivTrades, working on the basis of license of financial regulators, including the Office of the Financial Services Authority UK (The Financial Services Authority, FCA), in 2013 introduced a number of innovative technologies, services and products that significantly improve the reliability, stability and the safety of the Forex market.
Among the most popular innovative technologies developed by ActivTrades in the past year, we can’t not mention SmartPattern - an additional indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform SmartTemplate, a unique module for technical analysis SmartForecast, an application to extend the functions of MT4 SmartOrder, the indicator turning points with 3 levels of support and resistance, etc
In addition, company conducts a variety of incentives to efficient trading programs, including contests, bonus shares and training projects. Not surprisingly, ActivTrades was recognized the fastest growing online Forex broker on the British version of the independent rating Investec Hot 100.

Best NDD Broker 2013 - Larson & Holz

Company Larson & Holz in 2013 has pleased its customers with many new unique designs and upgraded exclusive technologies based on the progressive system called NDD-trading, in which every single order customers automated were instantly displayed on the largest liquidity providers. Through superior customer service they had NDD disappeared in trade requotes and unjustified slippage, and the level of spreads continued to decline, reaching today the lowest possible level in the market.
In 2013, the company has implemented a unique system of reporting, which protects traders from the widening of spreads, even during important news, or lack of liquidity. Thanks to this technology Larson & Holz persist zero spreads for two hours.

Best STP Broker 2013 - RVD Markets

The company RVD Markets, part of the holding RVD Capital Holdings Limited (UK), provides equally comfortable and effective working conditions in the financial markets both for beginners and for professional investors and traders. Currently, the broker sells the best system for through-processing applications (STP), at which traders output the warrant directly to liquidity providers.
RVD Markets is working together with 5 largest providers of liquidity, which guarantees broker the opportunity to work with a selection of the best on the current market price at the time of low spreads with a starting capital of just $ 100.

Best Dealing Quality 2013 - NordFX

As in 2012, the Best Forex Broker in Quality of Dealing award goes to NordFX. Company’s accounts on the micro-managed provide a higher level of service than many banks with a worldwide reputation. In addition, a new account of Currensee reduced all trading risks, raising to the maximum rate of return.
We launched a new rating to determine the best forex brokers in the framework of the monthly project MasterForex-V Expo 2014.
Like last year, everyone can vote for their favorite broker, affecting the final position of the company in the ranking at the end of the month. At the end of the year the final results will be announced, and the best forex brokers will receive valuable awards presented in each category.