Forex brokers RatingForex Brokers Rating is an invaluable tool for a trader, when selecting a broker or a dealing center. An independent rating of Forex Brokers from Masterforex-V World Academy is providing now the most complete information on these companies: beginning with registration and jurisdiction, to traders feedback.

Choosing a broker is up-to-date challenge to every trader. Online traders question "whom to entrust money?" remains one of the most popular.

Methods of calculating the rating of Forex BROKERS and Brokerage firms

Masterforex-V World Academy is the first one who has applied the systematic approach in drawing up the ranking of brokers, synthesizing more than 15 objective criterias for the evaluation by a charge of a certain number of points for each criterion. Please, note that this rating is created by familiar one to all listeners of the Academy principle of synthesis of binary patterns: an individual criterion will never give a complete picture.

Scoring criteria in the ranking of Forex Brokers and Dealing Centers includes:

1. Year of foundation of DC. Senior companies are naturally more confidence:

  • 1 year since foundation = 5 points
  • Accordingly, with two years of work on the Forex market, the Broker gets 10 points, for 12 years-60 points.


2. DC Regulation and control.


Priority is given to the American/British state regulators overseeing the work of Forex Broker:


3. The Broker`s Awards.

As a Broker is evaluated by major exhibitions, the rating agencies:

  • From 5 up to 10 points for a reward, the priority is given to the international award winning reputable agencies of developed countries


4. Number of offices and branches of Forex Broker.

The bigger the Broker is, the safer he is:

  • Branch Office in CIS = 1 point per office
  • Foreign = 2 points per office


5. Spreads and Commission. The priority of the best condition for the trader

  • The spread EUR/USD is equal to 3 p = 0 points, 2 p = 5 points, 0-1 p - 10 points
  • Shall be not more than 10 points for each of the 5 most popular currency pairs of the Forex market


6. PR, online advertising and media.

The media prefer to write about serious Broker, about unknown – no one knows:

  • Analytical service of Masterforex-V World Academy monitors the number of references about the Broker in news media per month
  • Charged from 0 to 100 points for the total number of mentionings in the media this month


7. The rating vote on a five-point scale:

  • experienced traders of the administration of the Masterforex-V World Academy
  • students enrolled in the Academy
  • all Internet users


The results of all 3 vote types shall be entered in the table daily

8. Scores for positive and negative reviews about Forex Brokers from Online traders :

  • positive reviews-plus score, a negative review of experience or learning from this Broker-minus score
  • the table is updated every month, read reviews and add them to each user's of the most popular forum "Masterforex-V traders" in real time


9. Penalty points - awarded for non-payment of profit traders:

  • more than a dozen of Forex Brokers have not paid profit to the Masterforex-V World Academy students. Bottom line: fines up to minus 200 points. Cause: if a Broker fails to pay the profit to one trader, he may not pay to the rest


List of companies in the rating of Forex Brokers is divided into the League.

What has caused such a division?

A Liague

They included companies that deserved recognition, both among traders in Russia and the CIS, and worldwide. These Brokers have the image of a reliable and reputable companies. Their activities are regulated by reputable organizations having worldwide recognition.

In the big Leagues are included companies such as:


League Two


This section includes companies with minor complaints from traders. As a rule, they are not generally recognized by the worldwide licenses. At selection of analysis of dealing centers, it is recommend to stay only on the first half of this list:


X-Trade Brokers

Third League


They included companies with the most complaints from traders, including such serious as failure to pay profit. These companies, in most cases, are registered in the countries, willingly relating to respect for the rule of law. Achieve compliance with the treaty of such companies is nearly impossible.

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