I’m ready to tell you,
what I knew for a long time,
what I know now,
and most importantly, what I'll know tomorrow


The first thing that anyone should do in this new field is to answer the following questions:

  • Do I like what I’m doing?
  • If yes, am I ready to spend the necessary time to become a master of it?
  • Why I decided to take up a new activity, what for?

If you are here, it means you've decided to become a trader and hopefully, you know the answer to the abovementioned questions.

Working on the stock and Forex markets opens up broad prospects:

  • financial independence, for you and your loved ones;
  • freedom to choose the place of residence (if only there is internet);
  • no bosses, you set your own rules to live (the only limitation - compliance with the laws of your country);
  • etc…

Why do I need Masterforex-V professional training?

As in many other professions, traders profession contains pitfalls:

  • you need to develop clear and understandable working rules;
  • these rules must be strictly followed;
  • you will have to choose the direction of further development by yourself.




Let’s assume that we can deal somehow with these problems with the help of books and own tricks. Of course lumps can’t be avoided, but the question is now – how many lumps can you tolerate?


There is a big problem:

From our childhood we constantly hear:

"Do you want to earn a lot? Work hard!"


And it is true! BUT…

But for some reason they always forget to say that it is necessary to work in the right direction and with the right quality.

Therefore, you are at a “fork” now:

  • You go left - you work hard (you do as you told), but you realize - it is a waste of time;
  • You go right - you will work hard as well, you work in the right direction, but you still have no success. In this situation, you have to get use to the eternal throwing from side to side.


We are suggesting you the third way!

You will have to work hard, but you would move in the right direction and with the right quality.

Ask yourself this simple question.


  • Am I moving towards the target or away from it?
  • Do I perform only the necessary work or a bunch of timewasting unnecessary work as well?




Why Masterforex-V World Trading Academy?

Masterforex-V World Academy rightly bears the title of the Best Forex Training Project in Europe. This is confirmed by well-deserved awards, which Masterforex-V World Academy is getting annually since the year 2009.

What is the training process in Masterforex-V World Academy?

You will never find any book (no matter how good it is), that could replace the communication with professionals in that industry for you. They have been through these stages of development, which you are facing now, and they can give you the right advice at the right time.


During training, you will:

  1. Totally free get yourself familiar with the basics of trading in the School for newbies.
  2. You will learn the basics of Masterforex-V World Trading System in the walls of the Preparatory Faculty (Foundation Course of Masterforex-V). Under the guidance of team, you will learn all aspects of the system, starting with the theoretical background to the adoption of trading decisions.
  3. You will get acces to the Faculty of Masterforex-V Technical Analysis. Deep examination of each Masterforex-V trading instrument and each detail of it. Faculty of MasterForex-V Technical Analysis contains a huge database of solutions to the problems that have been faced by our students. We are confident that your problem has already a solution.
  4. You will get access to daily practical training in the "Strategy and Tactics of Current Trading". Here, based on the advice and guidance of experienced traders, you will learn how to use Masterforex-V Trading System in your practical trading, and learn to avoid tricky traps of the market.
  5. One of most important things: if you want to become a “brined olive”, all you must do – is jump in to the jar with other brined olives. And with time you “will brine” automatically. Everybody knows - the best way to learn something as fast and as efficient as possible – is to be among professionals. You will not get access to unique materials and trading techniques, you will get access to whole community of professionals.


Masterforex-V World Academy training will give you:


  •  a clear direction in studying of the variety of literature devoted to trading;
  • will allow you to step to the next level of professional development;


We know very well the main problems that traders face in their lives (regardless of their skills level). Years of successful training experience allows us to responsibly say: we can help you to solve these prolems.


Give us a chance to help you, become a student of Masterforex-V World Academy.

If you wish to be trained and join the Masterforex-V World Trading Academy – please, e-mail to:


  * we promise you that you will never get any spam e-mails from us. Only the information related to Masterforex-V training course and membership.