New category ranking of the Masterforex-V World Academy «The Best Forex Broker of the Month" was created for objective and unbiased identifying the Best Companies on the Forex market. Those, who excelled over the last month, having developed, for example, innovative technology in trading, have significantly improved trading conditions for traders and investors.
Leading experts and analysts of the Masterforex-V World Academy, which in the last few years, recognized the best educational project exchange trading and Forex trading in Europe, have developed a unique system for evaluating brokers that allows objectively to determine the most progressive brokers per month. This concept is based on the more than 22 independent factors of other criteria, including such parameters as:
- The availability of licenses from leading regulators;
- Traders' reviews dealing as broker;
- Trading conditions;
- Innovative technologies developed by the company;
- The fees, spreads, swaps and other fees charged to customers;
- Other attributes, comprehensively describing the activity of a broker.
The main criterion in the new category of the Masterforex-V World Academy supports of the presence or absence of a broker certain achievements in a given month. Accordingly, those whose trading conditions or trading technologies are embedded in a particular month, were objectively the best and allowed traders to participate more comfortably and effectively in financial markets. As a result, the company is gaining the most points and becomes the leader of the nomination.
Established by the Rector and experts of the Masterforex-V World Academy with professional traders, investors and analysts of financial markets nomination "Best Forex Broker of the Month" will allow you to identify quickly the company, which at this period of time, has made a significant contribution to the development of the Forex market, improving trade and technical conditions for clients. 
A method of assessing the Best Forex Broker is very simple, but at the same time, is very effective because it uses an integrated approach to the company, the differences in the market. For example, take into account quality of innovation, reduce or vary the size of spreads and commissions, progressive and well the work of the research department, no slippage, requotes, etc.
The main condition for the leaders of the "Best Forex Broker of the Month" is the factor of how much the company has distinguished itself by offering better trading conditions for developing a unique trading technologies, launching incentive bonus programs, etc. Among other things, here you will find the most complete and objective information for each broker that would allow you to save time on finding "my guide" and choose a reliable and progressive broker with whom your Forex trading would be as effective and comfortable. And in the future, perhaps, it will be able to vote on the nomination, and then you would greatly determine the fate of the Top brokerages of the month along the Forex market.