Forex Broker Rating: Nordhill Capital Makes Forex Predictions for 2016

     Are the current FX patterns going to change this year? This inquiry is urgent for the whole FX community – traders, investors, financiers and other experts there. We decided to ask this question Nordhill Capital, the Best Investment Fund 2015.

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Colmex Pro Offers You Make Profit Without Risk

When you're first starting out as a trader those first few weeks can involve quite a steep learning curve. As well focusing on putting your chosen strategy into action, you'll be busy getting to grips with order placement, chart analysis, and finding your way around a trading platform. It's a busy and stimulating time, and its also one where mistakes can be made. We've all done it . . . Clicked 'buy' instead of 'sell', neglected to add a profit target, or looked at the wrong chart before placing an order! Brokers know this and one, Colmex Pro, is currently offering a very attractive solution to support you in your first month of trading - the Colmex Protected Account.

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World FOREX – Best Forex Broker for Binary Options Trading 2015
Now, when 2015 is gone, it is time to sum everything up. Masterforex-V Expo’s experts in many fields related to the Forex industry, traditionally reward major Forex Brokers for their achievements in 2015. 
World FOREX Company was recognized the "World’s Best FX Broker for Binary Options Trading 2015". 
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NordFX – Best ECN Broker 2015

  Masterforex-V Expo determined the Best Brokerage Companies in 2015. The winners were determined according to transparent voting over 20 criteria. Traders, investors and financial experts participated in the voting as well, including members of Masterforex-V Academy.

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Colmex Pro: professional trading for everyone

One of the biggest challenges that new traders can face is lack of access to the same information and resources as professionals. If you have the right tools and information then it is easier to see the bigger picture in your analysis, and to develop your edge in the market. If I told you that it was possible for you to see exactly how many other traders are willing to buy or sell at each price level, would you think that might be useful information to you when entering and exiting positions?

Welcome to Level 2

Well this type of information – known as Level 2 Data - is available to you with the right choice of broker. Your broker has access to this information otherwise they couldn’t match your orders, but most brokers choose not to share Level 2 Data with their clients. Level 2 data feeds come directly from a stock exchange, and are commonly referred to as ‘direct market access’ (DMA). Colmex Pro is one of the most established and trusted brokers among those who can provide Level 2 data for your trading.

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“Fastest Growing Investment Company” – Awarded to NordHill Capital
     Forex & Investment Expo Dubai 2015 which is a mandatory event for the companies in financial industry was held in Dubai on 26 & 27 November of 2015. Representatives from many companies who attended the event were interviewed to get their perception about the event. 
    When they were about the opportunities they have got in Dubai, one of them replied that since Dubai is financial center of Middle East and North African countries, to bring in a big and famous companies all the forums and events related to finance, including Forex Market Expo which is for brokerage companies are normally held there.
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