Dealing Center (DC) - Unlike  forex brokers - is not a big non-bank institutions they are usually no serious broker licenses, providing traders with small deposits, the ability to enter into speculation in the currency market with small amounts of trading capital of $ 1 U.S. under the margin trading.

Dealing centers

  1. To trade with customers on their own behalf. As shown successful traders at Masterforex-V Academy, vast majority of such Dealing Centers operate on the principle of "kitchen DC": totally no Traders are output, the "kitchen DC" while awaiting their customers completely lose their deposits (according to statistics 97% of traders lose their deposits themselves). As a result, more than two dozen "brokers" were "catering DC" is not designed with the students of the Academy. 
  2. Gives its customers their own quotes in the forex market.
  3. Often "helps" its traders lose deposits, letting non-market quotations, running against dealing hindered successful traders (difficult to close a lucrative deal), etc.
  4. Does not pay the profit of a successful trader or as received "decent kitchen-DC" has steadily earning trader ... close their account and open it from competitors.
  5. As a rule, is not regulated by any significant regulators of the FSA, NFA, etc.

Total between brokers and dealing centers or why "kitchen DC" hard to distinguish from an honest broker?

Brokers and dealing centers
All of the above can be traced in representatives of third league international rating forex brokers Academy Masterforex-V. There are more than 80, we are just a few of them:
FX Start
FXM Broker Group
But some members of the Second Division rating is currently at a crossroads: to invest in the image, to get a license from major financial regulators, or be content with "the situation", but, as a rule, it leads smoothly loss of prestige. It's like:

How to check the reliability of the dealing center, and what information to rely when selected ?

  • What country is governed by the laws of the contract;
  • What license is dealing center;
  • how many years the company has in the market, and what has earned a reputation;
  • which offers trading conditions (spreads, currency pairs, commission rate swaps);
  • What trading platform;
  • conditions of entry and withdrawal;
  • whether the presence in the regions;
  • Reviews
  • on independent forums;
  • the company's position in the independent rankings.
It is very important to obtain independent advice from a specialist.


Always be serious about choosing broker.