The soda giant coke reported a fall in revenue and profit in the first quarter results declared recently. The company’s share in the last 3 months which were up by 13 %   declined 1.3 % at was priced $46 and this was more than expected by the Wall Street experts. 

  The reasons for the decline might be multi-factors, the economic recession of the Russia and Brazil, the demand for the carbonated water going down among the European and Japanese consumers. The devaluation of currency in many countries, even though Coke reports its revenue in dollars, nearly half of the company’s revenue is from other currencies. 
  Coke could manage the situation a little extent by an increase in the product prices in North America and also increase the consumer base. The company’s top management announced keeping in mind the Marco economics, the company’s new policies will target addressing these issues and increase the revenues in the coming months. 
  Packaged water, tea, sporting event drinks in the noncarbonated category, persevered to log powerful development at 7%, and pushed by stable quantity across all key categories except for juice and juice drinks which declined reasonably. Soda volumes have been even within the quarter globally, and in North America, where growth in Sprite, Fanta and energy drinks was offset by way of a declined under the Coca-Cola brand.
  Coke’s earning per share was 34 cents and the overall profit was $ 1.48 billion, lower than what it reported a year ago, 35 cents and $ 1.56 billion. Earnings per share were boosted nearly 12 % from the foreign exchanges.  Income fell 4% to $10.28 billion. Experts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had conjecture income of $10.27 billion. The top line was harmed by one less day contrasted and the earlier year period. For the quarter one, Coke reported that its refreshment volumes grew 2% both worldwide and in its key North American business sector.
  Coke is all set to expand and extend its operation in North America to maintain its market share and generate more revenue from the. Coke announced that the company has extended regions for three bottlers and included another private bottler in the process to improving its sales volume in North America. Coke is planning to expand its bottling facilities in Colorado and Mississippi. The company has directed the bottlers in Chicago in north Central and Florida in the south-east to source and acquire more production facilities. 
  The Founder of Manna Inc and the former NBA player Ulysses Junior Bridgeman has to strike a deal with Coke to buy its territory from Coke in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. Manna is all set to take over a production facility in Lenexa, Kan. New production facilities are to be acquired by the Coca-Cola of Northern New England in Needham Heights, Mass, and Hartford to add more territory to its business.