Time is like the water that seeps quietly through fingers. Someone manages to fill our lives with something significant and useful, and someone is "empty", leaving behind a significant footprint. But, there are those who help to make time work for you, bringing maximum benefit.

It is the latter scenario realizes for nine years, the International Academy of Trading MasterForex-V - the best European and Russian Forex training project according to estimates of the world's leading financial experts, analysts, professional traders and investors.

It would seem that only yesterday was born awesome, unparalleled, immediately attracted a lot of attention of a large-scale Forex project - Trading Academy. But yesterday it was nine years ago ... Time flies very quickly and quietly, in particular, as noted by the tens of thousands of graduates of the Academy, successful Forex traders and investors, if you work (train, collaborate, teach, invest, develop new ideas) with Masterforex-V, that gave the world a unique, unparalleled trading system of the same name.

Achievements of Academy - a nine-year "experience" of traders’ success

On Thursday, the 2nd of October, 2014, the best Forex training project in Europe International Trading Academy MasterForex-V marks nine years since its foundation. It passed not so much time, but enough to tens of thousands of Forex professionals and those who wanted to become such, possessed a fundamentally new, revolutionary knowledge and practical skills. To all those that helped them get into the proverbial ten percent of successful Forex participants.

What is the secret of such a successful start of the Academy and, most importantly, its continued development? Why nine consecutive years newcomers tend to be trained Forex trading? Why even experts from the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, the Baltic countries and others, analyzing work of a Forex broker, guided by the appropriate ratings and analytical data of the Academy MasterForex-V? And for brokers involved in numerous rating projects of the best European educational project in learning Forex trading is a landmark event, facing much higher standard PR moves, promotions, and so on?

In the opinion of the leading Canadian financial markets expert of Masterforex-V World Academy Eugene Olkhovsksiy, the secret of success of the Academy is, first of all, that it did not develop on the basis of beaten path of known world traders. Those who offered their methods of classical analysis, whose books were published dozens of years earlier, and, despite the "fame" of names, do not correspond to the realities of modern financial markets.

On the contrary, experts of the Academy went their own way, has developed a revolutionary that has nowhere analogs of MasterForex-V TS, adapted to any market trend. And its flexibility and versatility allows for real-time detection of different patterns and signals of the market, respectively, have a 99.99% chance of completing a deal in the profits. Not surprisingly, the students of the Academy who have mastered the theoretical and practical skills to work with this system earn a lot more stable than other merchants. This, incidentally, is evidenced by numerous statistical data from different sources.

Moreover, the expert said, the majority of traders in the Academy, both trainees and graduates, won first prizes in various international competitions for traders. This fact helps to appear the innovation of the teaching staff of the Academy (as well as students) and immediately introduce them to the market, showing great results.

Patented copyrights opening, unique design, the highest level of professionalism in teaching students the use of its innovative technologies in various aspects of the analysis of the Forex market is actually from the first steps of the Academy brought her to the leading position of the market. And from 2009 to 2013 Academy MasterForex-V was recognized as "Best Forex training project in Europe", "the fastest growing educational project", and won numerous international exhibitions, including such brand as ShowFx World.

According to Eugene Olkhovskiy, important factors in the success of the Academy are:

- For the first nine years of work in many departments of the Academy were more than 100 discoveries in the field of technical, wave, fundamental analysis of financial markets;

- Its students "won" more than 20 "Forex Bucket Shops", refused to pay them a profit;

- Tens thousands of students of the Academy became successful traders;

- The independent rating of the Best Forex Brokers, with a gradation of companies from the highest to the lowest leagues and the objective evaluation of the approach based on the broker`s more than 23 criterias help a trader to pick up a really high-quality broker;

- Exhibition project MasterForex-V Expo monthly presents the best estimates of professional traders and analysts of Academy brokers separately noting their appeal in terms of the proposed innovation and original, but honestly, PR;

- Academy’s bonus program allows novice trader to open his first deposit without involving own funds.

Forex secrets of teaching beginners

"I would also like to note that the international recognition of the Academy Masterforex-V does not come by itself, suddenly, and from nowhere," - says Eugene Olkhovskiy. In the merit of the Academy of professionals whose persistent, hard work has enriched the Forex industry with a new understanding of "live market", "the logic of price behavior," the revolutionary developments, avoiding the mistakes of the classics trading and to make a determination of the trend in real time, rather than when it arrives when data arrives with a delay.

The latest interpretation of the market, its own approach to trading operations, the introduction of an exclusive high-precision of indicators, its trading flexible "smart" vehicles - only a small part of what is the fruits of scientific and exploration activities of teachers and students of the Academy for the first nine years of the project. By the way, all teachers have a huge experience of successful trading, allowing not only to reveal the secrets of the professional skills of work at Forex but also constantly develop their own conceptual tools of analysis and trading systems, many of which have been successfully applied in practice.

At the present time, informs the expert, in the Academy at 12 departments that specialize in specific trading areas and investing, traders from over 50 countries around the world are training. Their graduates, without exception, received exclusive knowledge; today, they are successful Forex participants. Many of them continue to cooperate with the Academy, developing their own strategies, which, after passing certain tests at least have been used successfully on Forex.

Another exclusive know-how of the Academy is a friendly association of traders and investors, represented in more than 50 countries around the world. Their experts provide the Academy useful information from their regions reveal the mentality of local traders, under which, incidentally, TS of MasterForex-V is constantly adapting, providing the same equal opportunity to extract stable and high income Russian, American, Lithuanians, Swiss, and so on. In addition, communities are a great base for the support of his countrymen, and especially - beginners.

Also, Academy MasterForex-V produces a free online magazine for professional traders and investors "Market Leader", which informs about the latest developments on the Forex market. Circulation is more than 90 000 copies, and with each new release of its readership increases operational receives reliable information about new products, technical and technical analysis, the secrets of the successful traders and investors, exposing the Bucket Shops, test-drives of the famous and lesser-known brokers and more.

Thus, creating for the first nine years, a number of innovative, revolutionary products of highly effective training and close of trade on Forex, including the "flavor" TS of MasterForex-V, the Academy has provided traders fundamentally new approach in the market in "the synthesis of binary regularities." It, said Eugene Olkhovskiy, helped quickly and correctly distinguish a quality broker from Bucket Shop by implementing the most objective and the most information-filled Ratings of Forex brokers.

In addition, for the first nine years of fruitful work was put into practice a variety of unique and innovative learning technologies, committed hundreds of copyright discoveries, all of which contributed to a breakthrough for the entire Forex industry.

- I sincerely congratulate all the members of the MasterForex-V Academy with their holiday, and wish everyone (the founder of the University, teachers and students) to continue in the trend, enriching their development market, and most importantly, filling it with new generations of successful traders and investors - congratulated representatives of the MasterForex-V Academy Eugene Olkhovskiy.

The experts of the Educational Department of the Masterforex-V World Academy will delight traders and investors with its unique technologies and products, which are in 18 or 100 years will not lose its relevance. After all, as Platon said, making others happy, we make ourselves happier.