Though originally FX market was accessible only by those who traded in big volumes, with technological advancement even a normal person can trade now and so has become an investment alternative. 

  Let us look at some of the benefits of currency market.

  All day market
  Being an all-day market, currency exchange gives the flexibility of working along with your existing commitments.
  Liquidity and Efficiency
  Typically currency markets are even larger than NSE due to the liquidity. This is because of huge number of buyers and sellers involved. 
  Unlike share market, сurrency market cannot be manipulated by individuals or group as the change in market due to them is very minute, because of the fact that the market is affected by many factors. Insider trading cannot happen in currency market. So it is a good trading platform for individuals. 
  Price gaps
  Currency market dealing with long term and even daily trading doesn’t involve “Gaps” like other trading, which occur when there is price jump happening without any intermediate steps in price movement. The trader ends up in huge loss if he is not going to use the “stop loss”. But in currency market, the trader will not experience such price gaps and so he will not end up losing a lot. 
  The magnitude and frequency in which the share price change occurs is called as volatility which determines the profit/loss. An intra-day trader in currency market can make a huge profit, if the transaction volume and liquidity are high, while limiting the trade to fewer instruments. Volatility for currency trading is 500. (Source Oanda.). This way, currency trading is better compared to other equity markets for day traders as he can earn 5 times more here in currency market being high volatile one.
  Low Transaction Costs
  Slippage costs are incurred due to the time difference in decision to buy the stocks and actual execution of the order. The price difference may be very low but it definitely has a huge impact on large volume traders. They oversupply the market with buy orders which makes the prices increase and while selling the vice versa happens. But here in currency trading there are nil transaction costs and very little slippage costs. Day traders can trade frequently because of this advantage. 
  Unlike stock market, where only few banks or people lend or invest money on you for trading which makes it very tough to trade with small amounts of money in hand, in currency market you can use borrowed money . if you want to trade $10,000, you need only a small amount which ranges from 50 to 200 dollars. For more information you can look at The part-Time currency trader. 
  Trading and Profit during upward and downward trend
  In stock market profits can be made only when prices go up, otherwise we need to sell the shares and stand aside. That is one of the major disadvantages of stock market as individual cannot benefit much.
  While in currency trading, one can trade during the downward trend also and make a profit easily when they think they are about to lose money. This is because it involves buying and selling of different currencies only which terms the market as eternal bull market.